For a short while I was lucky enough to have been a client of Elyse Weissberg’s. Elyse was a photographers agent and marketing consultant and we worked together for no more than five to ten hours all told. Elyse published Successful Self-Promotion for Photographers several months after her untimely death in July 2001. I was honored when she asked me to submit images for her book. In the short while I knew Elyse she influenced my photography more than any other individual. In a few hours she handed to me an insight into her artistic aesthetic that transformed the way I looked at photography and myself. Elyse found what worked in my photography and helped me to accentuate it, to strengthen it and to sell it. She introduced me to my first graphic artist, helped design my logo and gave advice on everything from portfolio design to font selection. Without Elyse I would not have been able to become a magazine photographer. While designing the layout for my book Who Will Say Kaddish?, Elyse’s words and advice were with me even though she was not. I listened to the tapes of our meetings, which she required her clients to make, time after time always picking up a new nugget, always being refreshed anew and motivated to strive forward and reach my goals. If you are a photographer looking for a better way to market your work and to increase sales, Elyse’s book will be indispensable to you. The pages seen here show the promotional pieces of mine that were used in her book.

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