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diary cover During my two trips to Poland I wrote as much as I could. Although I was documenting everything I could with my camera, the experience I had cannot possibly be communicated by picture alone...the things I was feeling...the thoughts I was thinking...many lost in deleted emails...words spent in conversation
...images whirling in my head of both past and was all too much.

Gary Gelb Photographing Gary Gelb photographing (far right) at the opening of "Batejnu," a new social center for the Children of the Holocaust and other Survivors
- Warsaw, September 11, 1995

This is an attempt to capture as much of that as possible, as accurately as possible, by presenting the diaries I kept during these two trips in '95 and '98 for you to read. They are very slightly edited and appear as close to how I originally wrote them as I could.

August 16, 1995 to October 16, 1995

  • August 17, 1995, 10:30 P.M. - First day of shooting upon arrival at Lauder Camp, Dwor Rychwald

  • August 20, 1995, Sunday Morning, Lauder Camp, Dwor Rychwald - The Beatles and Judaism

  • August 21, 1995, 12 noon, Lauder Camp - There are Jews in Poland - brief description of Lauder camp

  • August 27, 1995, 7:52 P.M., Warsaw Movie Theater - This Is Where We Came In; First Signs of Project Conflict

  • August 28, 1995, 9:30 P.M., Warsaw
    To Say "I am a Jew"

  • September 1, 1995, Warsaw
    A Jewish School In Poland

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