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Comfortable Computing Part II

In my last post I introduced my thoughts on comfortable computing and steps you can take to prevent injury and discomfort.

  1. Switch Hands (or fingers!) - Does your hand or finger hurt, even a little, from too much mousing? Switch hands! This will will feel awkward for a few minutes but after 20 minutes it will be fine. After a day or 2, you'll never know the difference. Do not work through the pain, but relieve it, immediately. Please consult a medical professional (which I absolutely am not) also. Better safe than sorry, especially if you can prevent a more serious injury.

  2. Improve Your Posture, Relieve Your Back - I bought a Better Back support after seeing it on Shark Tank. It forces you to sit straight and helps relieve neck and back pain. Best $20 I ever spent. I get no commission. Click here to buy it today! This Business Insider review might be helpful. Ive been using it for a few months and I'm very happy with it.

  3. Check Your Eyes - Make sure you have a proper prescription - I switched from multi-focal to fixed-focal glasses just for computer work. I no longer have to crane my neck to see the monitor clearly. I used Warby Parker for these. They were easy when you could walk in the store, though I'm not sure what their status is today. Inexpensive fro simple prescriptions.

  4. Standing Desk - For multiple reasons a standing desk is a great addition to your home office. I purchased a simple one for about $40. It allows you to change your position from sitting, which is key to preventing repetitive motion injuries. You probably burn a few extra calories, though I wouldn't use it as an excuse to forgo regular exercise! Just make sure that you have it properly positioned. This article will help you.

  5. Do Some Good - You can contribute to the charity of your choice whenever you make an Amazon purchase and it doesn't cost you anything - not even time! If you bookmark this link, whenever you make a purchase .5% will be donated through Amazon's Smile program. The organization is a small non-profit called Bpeace, or Business Council for Peace, whom I've supported and volunteered with for may years. You can easily change the charity to one that you prefer. Just make sure to enter Amazon through your bookmarked link to make your purchases.


Here's a great 4-minute video from TedEd by Murat Dalkili

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Eyeweb Eyewear
Eyeweb Eyewear
Jan 27, 2022

Agreed with your points and suggestions, will help me and many other readers,

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