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3 Steps to Successful Project Delivery

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

There are thousands, maybe millions, of books, articles, and courses about project management. But if you can focus on these three things, more often than not, your project will be a success.

1. Don't forget to do everything that needs to be done - you need a technique that ensures that every potential action item that comes across your plate is recorded in a tool that doesn't let you forget to make it happen. That tool can be a Trello board, and Agile board, Jira, Outlook, or a bunch of Post-its. As long as the technique (aka process) works for you, it's a good way to proceed.

2. The right sequence - Figure out the best sequence for things to happen in advance. If you think that things will just work themselves out, if it's a small project, you may be right. Anything thing bigger, and you may be wrong. Make sure the most important things get done first, but also that the work gets done in a sequence that makes sense.

3. Estimate costs and how long things will take (aka duration) in advance - Add it all up and make sure the total cost and estimated completion date work for the stakeholders. Keep track of things along the way to ensure your project is staying on track.

There's much more to it than this, but if you focus on these guidelines for every project, you' re on the way to success.

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Sounds prudent. Think I'll focus on this and give it a try

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