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Use Your Downtime to Improve Your Skills

Updated: May 13, 2020

Running out of shows to watch on Netflix? Worrying about how you’re going to land a job? There’s a solution for both. Use your downtime to improve your skillset and make yourself more hire-able.

Two steps: 1. Figure our what skills will make you more marketable. You can search job listings

for the type of job you want and read the required skills. Read 20-50 of these listings and you should get some good ideas. Data visualization? Business intelligence? Perhaps something in the health services field to meet new demand?

2. Acquire those skills - I have two favorite ways to do this

  • Take a class - Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Vimeo, Khan. The options are endless.

  • Volunteer - This may be more difficult to do now, but not impossible. Many organizations need help and you can use your skillset to help them while learning something new and having a pro-bono position to put on your resume.

I’ll write more some this topic and please send me your questions or article ideas. Stay safe - Gary

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